G8. Sport Marketing


Defining sport marketing
- History of Marketing
- The sport marketing framework
- STAGE 1: Identify sport marketing opportunities
- STAGE 2: Develop a sport marketing strategy
- STAGE 3: Plan the sport marketing mix
- Sport production innovation
- About Sponsorships...
- What Sponsors Want
- Digital sport marketing
- Sport marketing and social media
- Is social media a help or a hindrance to sport?
- STAGE 4: Implement and control the sport marketing strategy
- Generalities about Organizing a Sport Event
- Phases and tasks of a sport event
- Managing Human Resources for a Sport Event
- Organising Amenities, Sites and Spaces
- Event coordination tools
- Hosting the Olympic Games
- Learning evaluation
- Participant's evaluation
Inside the module:
TED TALKS: The power of numbers to influence, guide and control our behaviour - Pr. Earl Kay Stice
TED TALKS: Neuromarketing: The new science of consumer decisions | Terry Wu