G4. Human resources


- Human resources management
- What is human resource management?
- 8 lessons on building a company people enjoy working for
- Key HR Functions
- Is human resource management in sport special?
- What Does HR Actually Do?
- The essentials of human resource management
- Phase 1: Human resource planning
- Phase 2: Recruitment
- Phase 3: Selection
- Phase 4: Orientation
- Phase 5: Training and development
- Phase 6: Performance appraisal
- Phases 7 and 8: Rewards and retention
- Compensation and pay fairness
- Importance of Human Resources Management
- Learning evaluation
- Participant's evaluation
Inside the module:
TED TALKS: Resourceful Human vs Human Resource | Rahim Sajan
TED TALKS: 3 ways to create a work culture that brings out the best in employees | Chris White
TED TALKS: How to Deal with Difficult People | Jay Johnson
TED TALKS: How to start changing an unhealthy work environment | Glenn D. Rolfsen