E. Examining neutral gender approach in sport


- Gender equality and sport, generalities
- Neutral gender approach in sport
- Gender issues in the sports media
- Factsheets of gendered sport broadcasting
- Media coverage of the Olympic Games
- Unequal representation of women in sports media
- Examples of issues in women's media coverage
- And... how do we watch sports?
- Gendered language
- Examples of gendered language and relative corrections
- Practice on gendered language
- Can we always be gender neutral?
- Strategies towards a more gender balanced sport environment
- Being a Woman in Sports Broadcasting
- Her Headline
- UNESCO's initiatives
- Guidelines for Non-Sexist Use of Language
- Useful tips
- The "Gender Decoder"
- Participant's evaluation
Inside the module:
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TED TALKS: Who gives a f**k about women in sport? | Denise Watson
TED TALKS: Gendered Linguistics: Why Words Matter | Elle Graham-Dixon
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